A new company on the loans market

Good Finance. – is a new brand of the well-known company Aasa Polska. To whom does the lender primarily direct the message? The offer is intended for women who want to pursue their dreams.

Good Finance.pl is to help them for this purpose. The company focuses on a few novelties, so it’s worth checking what it has to offer its clients.

Good Finance – a new company on the loans market

Good Finance - a new company on the loans market

The loan company Good Finance.pl was created at the beginning of December 2017. Its offer includes installment loans of up to PLN 10,000, which can be repaid up to 24 months. People from 20 to 80 years old who have Polish citizenship can apply for a loan. The company’s ambassador is the created figure of Mrs. Good Finance, who raises many valuable advices. The offer is addressed mainly to women who want to fulfill their dreams and needs.

Loans in Good Finance can be used for basic needs, family, renovation, personal needs or the purchase of home electronics and household appliances. It is important that people applying for a loan should not appear in the BIG debtors ‘registers, because the company checks the customer’s creditworthiness, therefore only people whose credit history was not recorded in any debtors’ registers can apply for an online loan.

Good Finance.pl online loan is available every day. Customer service is available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 19:00. If we have any doubts or questions, you can directly contact the Customer Service Office consultants by phone +48 222 40 40 or write to the e-mail address Good [email protected] Bearing in mind that Good Finance is a brand belonging to Aasa Polska, you can expect high quality customer service in granting loans.

Security of personal data in Good Finance

Security of personal data in Good Finance

As we have already mentioned, the company values ​​the safety of its customers, so when you submit applications to take out a cash loan you don’t have to worry about the outflow of personal data or any problems related to the online loan process. Aasa Polska has extensive experience in this area. It is possible to sign a contract via the Blue Media domestic payment service. The person interested in the loan will be asked to make a PLN 1 transfer to verify personal data.

By transferring a symbolic zloty, the company will be absolutely certain that the person who is applying for a loan is not impersonating someone else. More precisely, the customer will be verified thanks to the data from the bank account. After the whole process is over, PLN 1 will be returned to the consumer’s bank account. You can read the contract before going to the lender’s official website in the “Your loan agreement” section.

Life insurance


Good Finance offers life insurance. It is worth having a look at the Product Card: Insurance for people who have concluded a Cash Loan Agreement with Aasa Polska SA By taking a loan in Good Finance, we can also ensure safety in the event of serious diseases, such as cancer, myocardial infarction, stroke, kidney failure, disease coronary artery requiring surgery, organ transplantation. Details on the lender’s website.

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