Decree on “Baby Waiting Loan” published!

The interest rate subsidy will be 5% for the beneficiaries, if the conditions are not met, the market interest rate will be 8%. This is based on current interest rates!

The baby-sitting allowance consists of the state child-raising interest subsidy and the childbirth allowance!


The baby-sitting allowance is available from July 1, 2019 to December 31, 2022. Apply at the district government office of your district of residence (1st degree, 2nd degree, Bp. Metropolitan Government Office) The deadline for action is 30 days, and the client may no longer request a deferral.

The government agency does not override the creditworthiness decision of a single financial institution! You have no restrictions on lending!

Conditions of use:

Conditions of use:

The couple (jointly claiming) can claim one at the time of filing

  • the wife was 18 years old but not yet 41 years old,
  • both spouses have a Hungarian address card,
  • one of the spouses is not only a woman, has been continuously employed for at least 3 years in a social security scheme, is studying at a higher education institution or is enjoying the social security system of another state,
  • with impunity,
  • has no public debt with the State Tax Administration,
  • the spouses are Hungarian citizens or have the right of residence or stateless status,
  • if one of the parties already has a child but the other party is married or widowed in the 1st marriage. Widowhood is like having your first marriage now, ignored!
  • They have no debt in the central credit information system
  • It is hopeless to have children
  • Commit to having one of your children raised in your own household, up to the age of majority or until the contract is terminated!
  • only one contract can be signed with the same applicant!

” The law states that a loan agreement can only be entered into with applicants who are considered creditworthy by the credit institution in accordance with its general internal rules to take out the loan requested.” We learned from the analyst!

Bank baby announcements:

  • the credit institution is required to include the following text in its advertisements and advertisements for the baby loan loan: “The loan is advertised with the help of the baby loan provided by the Hungarian Government.”

The judging!


  1. ‘The loan application shall be submitted to the credit institution. When submitting a loan application, applicants declare that they meet the eligibility criteria. According to the decree, the authenticity of the statements and documents submitted by the claimants must be presumed if they are not known to be false or falsified without the attentiveness required of the credit institution.
  2. If necessary for the assessment of the loan application, the credit institution may request the applicant to supplement the documents submitted, subject to a time limit of up to 10 days. The credit institution shall process the loan application within ten days of its submission.
  3. The credit institution shall inform applicants in writing of the reasons for the refusal of a loan application for failure to meet the conditions of access.
  4. The credit institution shall not charge any fee, expense or other consideration to the assisted persons for processing the loan application and loan disbursement.
    up. “

The amount of the loan can be HUF 10 million, HUF based, which is disbursed in one amount. The interest subsidy period may vary every 5 years.

The amount of the loan can be HUF 10 <a href=million, HUF based, which is disbursed in one amount. The interest subsidy period may vary every 5 years.” />

Repayment must begin from the month following payment.

The loan has a total maturity of 20 years and does not include deferrals.

“ The monthly repayment installment during the interest subsidy period shall not exceed HUF 50,000. “

There are no initial fees and costs!

If the supported person fails

  • before the cancellation of the loan, the credit institution shall, in accordance with its internal rules, require the debtor to settle the debt.
  • The beneficiary does not pay the transaction interest, which is paid by the Treasury on behalf of the State to the credit institution in the form of an interest subsidy.

Beneficiaries pay a 0.5% guarantee fee on the loan. The credit institution shall state the amount of such payment in writing, and shall establish by 31 January each year, until the year in which it ceases to exist, the amount of the monthly repayment installment plus the guarantee premium.

Penalty interest starts when

  • if the baby does not come in 5 years,
  • or the minor child is not raised in his / her household,

Then, within 120 days, the interest subsidy used up until then will be repaid in one lump sum to the bank!

Repayment is also a rule! The bank and the Treasury decide on the matter.

Exemptions can also be made:

Upon request, one of the subsidized persons after the conclusion of the loan agreement,

  • become incapacitated for work, and because of that they cannot bear the child,
  • a health certificate certifying that the supported persons are unable to have a child,
  • childbearing is contraindicated by medical records.

For reasons of fairness, the agency may allow up to 24 months installments if the burden is too great.

And if all goes well:

• the second child arrives during the term, 30% of the outstanding debt, and if the third child, the remaining total debt is released.

” The application for childbirth allowance must be submitted to the credit institution, the aid is paid out by the Treasury on behalf of the State, and the money is used to reduce the principal and interest on the outstanding loan agreement,” the regulation reads.

The State Tax Authority may investigate the inspection in the framework of an official inspection, and in case of unauthorized use they order the collection of taxes.

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