Loan without verification transfer? It is possible!

Is a verification transfer per penny always necessary? The assumption is that a loan via the Internet should be a fast, convenient and without unnecessary formalities service. has details

Customers value the minimum time required to submit an application. They expect the same from the lender regarding the documents he requires. How to verify borrowers’ data? With which service provider is a loan possible without a verification transfer?

Loan without verification transfer

Loan without verification transfer

The correct entry of customer data in the electronic form is necessary to receive a positive loan decision. Typically, online lending companies ask the consumer, among other things, about: sources of income, personal data, address details, e-mail address, telephone number and bank account number. The last of the information listed will be needed when funds are to be delivered by bank transfer. However, it can also be useful during the verification phase. One of the traditional methods of checking data is verification transfer. Usually it amounts to a symbolic one penny, which should be transferred to the account indicated by the loan company.

What if we urgently need an online loan without a verification transfer because we don’t have money in the account? A verification transfer can be a problem not only in a situation of lack of funds in the account, but also when our account is registered in a different institution than the lender’s account. Many people wonder why I have to wait so long for the lender’s decision, since I have completed all the required formalities? The Elixir session may be responsible for this.

Non-bank loans without verification

Non-bank loans without verification

Each bank sets the appropriate hours for processing incoming and outgoing orders, if we do not order the transaction in a timely manner, it will be postponed to the next business day. It might seem that this is not a problem, but the lender will not issue a decision until the payment is credited, and the whole process may be extended by one or even two days during the weekend. Is there a loan without transferring a penny? Are payday loans without BIK without transferring a penny? We answer!

We must remember that every lender must check our details carefully before giving us a loan – this is a normal procedure. However, with the development of the FinTech industry and the continuous improvement of the application procedure, products have appeared on the market that allow you to use other verification solutions, for example online payday loans without transfer. One of the methods enabling the use of such financial support is a special verification application.

An example would be Good Finance


Thanks to it, we can not only smoothly go through the application process, but also bypass the obstacle, which is the lack of funds in the account. Below is a table of companies that have the option of using other forms of verification than transfer in their offers.

If you want a quick credit decision, apply with one of the lenders below. Do you want to take out a loan in installments? A list of companies can be found later in the article.

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